We are in a wholesale business. Please let us know more about your intention and business model.
If we match, we are more than happy to sell you samples.
We are also open to collaboration proposals from all countries. Many opportunities in great markets are still available.
Since most products are heavy, creating a local manufacturing plan by utilizing local sand source to lower product costs is the preferred strategy. If you are capable of providing substantial funding, we will invest our IP and technical support to ensure the success of the production and be your passive partner.
We have 15 plants in China. We can provide the necessary machinery for plants.

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RechSand Technology Products in Sand

The invention of “destruction of water interface tension” of the new technology, the use of desert silica sand as raw materials, developed a highly efficient water filtration function of sand-based permeable brick products to solve the global permeable brick clogging issue.

further innovation, a “rainwater collection and elimination of floods” function of the new technology – Ren Chuang rainwater collection and utilization system.