Eco Friendly Filter Pavers


1. Fast Water Permeability: The water permeability of RechSand Filter Pavers is very fast, which can reach 780kg of water per square meter per hour. RechSand Filter Pavers have experienced severe rainstorms in Beijing 721 (one in 60 years). There was no stagnant water in the Olympic underground plaza where RechSand Filter Pavers were laid . !


2. Permeability Life Span: The permeable principle of the Filter Paver is “destroying the surface tension of water”. The water permeable period can reach more than 30 years! It is 10 times that of ordinary permeable brick.


3. Anti-clogging Technology: The surface of the brick is very dense, micron-sized, and is not easily blocked by dust, also very easy to clean.


4. Antifreeze and thaw: A brick has many capillaries and small pores. The volume of water becomes ice is small, the dispersion is high, and the expansion is small, so the brick is less prone to become frozen. Add a special binder to make the bricks tough. The capillary inside the brick is evenly distributed, and the single pore has a small diameter with no stress concentration.


5. Anti-weight: RechSand Filter Paver can withstand a weight within 100 tons


6. Super wear-resistance: The main raw material of brick is aeolian sand. It is a hard point formed by millions of years and wind-blown sand. It is made by special technology and has the wear resistance like a grinding wheel.


7. It has the function of water filtration: the brick filters the water. It can filter large particles of impurities in rainwater.


8. Recyclable products: RechSand independently developed a set of sand recycling equipment, which can recycle old Filter Pavers and make new ones.


9. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process AKA Adopting the technology of no-sintering molding: This technology can make the Filter Pavers can be consolidated at room temperature, and the sintering process can be completed with only a small amount of energy.


10. Can be used with rainwater harvesting system: Filter Pavers are the key components of the RechSand rainwater harvesting system. They can be used together with the RechSand rainwater harvesting system to collect, purify and store the rainwater to maximize the rainwater resources.


Water Saving Sand


1.  Effectively retains water in desert areas due to its low absorbing rate underground


2.  Replenish ground surface water, allows the growth of trees and agricultural products in the desert, offers a solution to desertification


3.  Roots can breathe freely underground, promoting healthy growth of plants


4.  Preserves nutrients in the soil increasing fertilizer efficiency


5.  More and more agricultural lands are being converted to factories and cities to make way for urban development. Our specially Coated Sand allows agricultural products to grow healthily in the desert, providing a smart alternative to meet the needs of a growing population. At the same time, this is also a way to combat desertification, killing two birds with one stone


6.  Saves water by 70%, increases production by 30%


Flooring Tiles & Insulation Board


The invention of the new technology of “increasing the surface tension of water” realizes the effect of “breathing and seepage prevention”. The desert silica sand is used as raw material to create ecological sand-based building materials with breathable and impervious water.


The core products are silica sand flexible stone and silica sand soft stone. Composite insulation hanging board, super non-slip silica sand floor.


 At the same time, it also invented the “reinforced concrete diagonal support” structural system and the “sandwich” wall envelope structure, providing strong technical support for China’s residential industrialization.


RechSand is responsible for the industrialization and popularization of the technical achievements in the field of “sand building”.




1. To tackle the rapid expansion of cities and the growing volume of global construction, we develop high-quality Eco-friendly building materials with high performance and unique qualities


2. Effectively lowers the chance of fire hazard and fire expansion


3. Natural insulator, saving energy from using heater and air-conditioning